Basic Operations

Brand-new File Expert (both Android and iOS versions) has been published on Android markets and App Store. Based on basic file management, the new versions provide optimized operations and confidential file protection. Feel free to browse, operate, transfer and store files after logging in File Expert.


Tag all kinds of files by different names and colors. Recognize piles of files only by tag color!

Recycle Bin

Give you a second chance to get back deleted files! Only one click to restore files or empty recycle bin.


Set up a unique pattern code to lock your private files. Keep all confidential photos, videos and documents on your phone secure.

Wireless Print

Print photo, PDF, TXT and HTML files wirelessly.

File Shred

Choose file shred when you delete files and never worry about being discovered again!

File Converter

Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint to PDF.

Network Features

Support mainstream Cloud service. Users can transfer files via WiFi, Bluetooth, FTP, SMB etc and manage files on phone, Cloud and PC.

FTP Client

Input a server address on your phone and access all files on a server via smart phone.

FTP Server

Input a FTP address on a PC browser and start to manage phone files from PC.

Cloud Storage

Log in your Cloud to manage files within File Expert. Exclusive GCloud also offers super-large free storage space to you.

Cloud Service